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The Awl

Ass-Out Pants: Who Wore Them Better?

It’s impossible to imagine DLR showing subtle restraint within the realm of assless pants options; Prince knew what he was doing. Prince always knew what he was doing.

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Brit + Co.

I Always Wanted to Have a Baby… Until I Realized I Didn't

Getting older wasn’t about checking off items on a list; it was about reevaluating my life and what I wanted it to look like as I went along. More than anything else, it was about accepting who I am instead of mourning who I thought I was supposed to be.

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Brooklyn Magazine

The Greatest, and Trashiest, Celebrity Memoirs

Reading a trashy celebrity memoir is like sitting down to a glorious buffet of sparking wine (not quite champagne, sorry) and your favorite packaged snack cakes with a chatty acquaintance who you can’t quite believe is telling you all of this...

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One Actual, One Psychic: Mike Leigh’s Career Girls

I was finally living somewhere that was big and interesting and important enough to reflect back to me in popular culture!

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The Awl

Sing This, Not That: Better Karaoke for One and All

Karaoke is a team sport; your audience is just as important as your performance. If this weren’t the case, we’d all just be singing into hairbrushes in the privacy of our own bathrooms.

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True Friends Left Behind

I just finished watching Stranger Things, and I, like everyone else, fixated on Barb, her righteously rolling eyes, taking no nonsense behind those giant glasses.

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The Washington Post

The Joy and Anxiety of Being an Introvert

There is nothing I love more than canceled plans.

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Anatomy of a Song: "Little Red Corvette"

In 1983, I was seven years old and already addicted to music and crushes in a way that would define and distract me forever.

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Brooklyn Magazine

Growing Up Golden: My Life as the Golden Girls

Throughout all the phases of my life, there’s always been a Golden Girl to guide me along the way.

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Raised on Radio: Request and Dedication

"I’m always going to love driving around and listening to the radio, hoping for good stuff, getting a mixed bag, waiting waiting waiting for my song..."

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The Least "Sassy" Girl in America, Pt. II

Karen Corday concludes her tale of "Sassy" obsession by interviewing her friend Carrie, who actually WAS a finalist to be the Sassiest Girl in America....

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Golden Dames

We are Karen Corday and Sara Faith Alterman and we are so happy to Guest Dame for Sophie and Margaret this week.

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The Least "Sassy" Girl in America, Pt. I

Karen Corday on her relentless and awkward quest to be recognized by "Sassy" Magazine....

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French Kissin' in the USA

"I was obsessed with teenagers and wanted to be one more than anything, and from what I could tell, what teenage girls did was get boyfriends and make out with them, so that’s what I wanted to do..."

Cig article

Standing And Smoking

“Smoking at least gave me an excuse to be there.”...